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EMERGENCY     LIFE SAVING     SYSTEM    includes    BCLS ( Basic  Cardiac   Life      Support) ,         AED ( Automatic External   Defibrillation  ) ,     ACLS ( Advance Critical  Life  support  ) and    EMS  ( Emergency Medical Services ) .

This system is one of the most important systems, which should   improve in Myanmar. Health care   professionals   have theory knowledge, but no guide lines and policy to follow. Facilities are not adequate also.  All government & private hospitals, medical centers and clinics are equally poor in this system.

EMERGENCY     LIFE SAVING     SYSTEM   can save life in sudden death. If don’t perform well, unable to save the life in emergency situations.  e.g., Cardiac arrhythmias,   Electric shock, Stroke, suffocation…etc

Even family members provided CPR and brought victim to hospital, cannot provide for AED and ACLS, then victim lost the life.
Might be a lot of similar cases in Myanmar
, but no records.
All emergency situations could happen to anyone, anywhere.  Might happen to Myanmar’s visitors or investors   too.  So, Myanmar’s image will be affected. 

International guide lines and policy are given by International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. Developed countries are having theirs national resuscitation guidelines for all cardiac life   support programs, which base from international committee.  Maintain the registry of available CPR & AED programs, training centres and key personnel.

Co-ordinates country-wide CPR & AED training programs.   Set up exams centres, issue certificate and must renew every two years.

All health care providers must have certificate to work, even Cardiologist. Giving training for public - such as   of schools, hotels, swimming pool, shopping center, office, until wet markets.

In Myanmar should start EMERGENCY     LIFE SAVING     SYSTEM? Train to practice BCLS and AED. Set up emergency trolleys in all medical facilities. Take example from developed countries’ practice guide lines and practices.
 Train more paramedic/ equipment   for Ambulance. (Reliable EMS system) Promote telephone system for Ambulance services for public.
 Public awareness (TV, Radio), Broachers/ Journal / Magazines .Road shows.
Set up foundation to buy AED and simulation equipment.

Public also must actively participate, since this system is for everyone in the country.
 Health education teaching should start from pre-primary school age, ( how to wash hands, brush teeth ..) as a compulsory subject.  Level up, by age & standard for future.

MTP (Myanmar Transitional Platform) and MNF (Myanmar Nurses Family) will collaborate with Myanmar Nurses Association (MNA) in Myanmar. Give advice and sharing knowledge provide facilities within affordable budget to nursing training school. Organize overseas experienced healthcare staff to participate for developing the system.

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